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When a person dies, his or her property must be transferred in accordance with state law. Taxes must be paid, assets distributed to beneficiaries, and trusts administered if there are any. California Probate Code sets forth specific procedures regarding the administration of an estate, whether a person has passed on with or without a Last Will and Testament.

Probate proceedings can be complex and costly, and you could find your rights to a loved one’s property jeopardized if probate is not properly handled and trusts are not properly administered. Messina & Hankin can take on your case and navigate you through the probate process, alleviating the stress and uncertainty while pursuing the outcome you are counting on. Our Temecula probate attorneys have 150 years of collective experience and diverse backgrounds in finance, and business law to address all of your trust and probate needs with professionalism and excellence.

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Probate & Trust Litigation in Orange County & Riverside County

There are times when a dispute arises during probate or trust administration. These conflicts can be emotionally charged and complex, but our attorneys are prepared to deliver aggressive legal counsel to protect your interests.

Probate and trust litigation can address such issues as:

  • Breaches of fiduciary duty by a trustee
  • Failures to properly distribute wealth, assets, or property
  • Will contests
  • Misappropriation of trust assets
  • Interpretation of trust or will terms
  • Forgery, undue influence, and fraud

How Long Does Probate in California Take?

While the average length of time it takes for an estate to be processed through probate is about nine months, this can vary widely depending on several factors. Such as complexity of the estate's affairs. Some estates can be processed in a few weeks or months, while others end up taking years to finish.

Trust Administration

If you are a trustee, our Temecula trust lawyers can help you understand and fulfill your duties. We can also defend you against claims that you have mismanaged assets or breached your fiduciary duty as a trustee. Through probate and trust administration, you can count on our support every step of the way.

Blogs Related to Probate & Trusts

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